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Painswick from the east

View from the Church tower

Painswick from the west

St Mary's churchyard

Cotswolds sheep

St Mary's in spring

Frosty morning over the beacon

Painswick – The Vibrant Heart of the Cotswolds.

You’ll love Painswick – Voted as one of the most beautiful villages in England. Its narrow streets and traditional architecture make it the epitome of the traditional English village.


 Harriet O’Brien of the Daily Telegraph said of Painswick:

“Picture-perfect Painswick is set above the Severn Valley, its charmingly winding streets offering sudden and dramatic vistas. Make for the 14th-century church of St Mary and its churchyard with lines of neatly bulbous, clipped yews (legend has it there are 99 of the trees and that the devil won’t let any more grow). Then head to the Rococo Garden at the northern edge of town. It is a masterpiece of early 18th-century landscape design. Crossed by the Cotswold Way, the village is also an excellent hub for walking trails.”

Stay and explore

Perfect for a weekend break or longer and, being situated at the heart of the Cotswolds, it is a natural base for exploring the rest of this wonderful county. Wonderful Hotels, B&B’s and eating places, you can relax, explore, exercise or just do whatever you fancy takes you.

History back as far as Domesday

Painswick first appears in historical records in the Domesday Book of 1086. Originally the town grew on the wool trade, but it is now best known for its parish churches and the local Rococo Garden.

The legend of St Mary's

St. Mary’s churchyard with its tombs and 99 yews has been described, as “the grandest churchyard in England”. The town is mainly constructed of locally quarried Cotswold Stone. Many of the buildings feature south-facing attic rooms once used as weaver’s workshops.

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Wellbeing in Painswick

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